Journey of Hope

At Journey of Hope we bring people together to do, explore, teach and learn the things that can help us recover from sad and stressful situations, that can lead to feeling suicidal.

We believe that by working together we can stop loneliness and isolation, improve our wellbeing and get through crisis situations.

Our principles:
Journey of Hope aims to build resilience, in people and in peer
networks, who have reached a place of despair. A life saved from a suicide attempt is still a life in danger – the person’s circumstances have not changed, and many people return to a life without adequate support networks.

In seeking to change this, our work is founded on these values:

  • People are best placed to look after their own health and
  • People can learn how to manage their health and wellbeing
  • People learn well from others with similar experiences
  • Social networks provide a long-term source of support and can
    help manage crises in the future

Join us at our well -being retreats, or give us a call to find out more.

Our Work

The Psychiatry Liaison Service at St Mary’s, Paddington

Here we provide non-medical support to people who have attempted to take their own life through suicide, using evidence based approaches founded on the Five Ways to Wellbeing. This can be as simple as going for a walk or meeting for a coffee.

Those affected by the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire

We support those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire by offering to meet up and talk, and by inviting people to join us at our wellbeing retreats. These are days spent together having massage, doing yoga, and learning resilience techniques, and of course with good food and company!

What we’re hoping for:

  • To prevent people taking their own life through suicide.
  • To reduce the trauma of using A&E by those in crisis, by having someone to talk to after being discharged.
  • To develop a long-term, affordable, sustainable and pioneering model of crisis support.
  • To end the fear, loneliness and isolation that people feel by having access to our wellbeing retreats and meetings.

What we are doing now
We believe that the best way to develop Journey of Hope is by
working with people who have experienced crisis. We are currently working on our retreat model to understand what is most helpful.

We are also seeing people individually and in groups to provide support after a crisis.

Meet the team

Emer O’Neill

10 years as Chief Executive of Depression Alliance and
a social worker with over 33 years’ experience in senior
management roles in mental health services.

Brendan Mc Loughlin

An experienced therapist; Programme Director for ten years at London Development Centre for Mental Health, leading a number of programmes including suicide prevention, social inclusion, population mental health, and Improving Access to Psychological Therapies in London.

Michael Beaven

Over thirty years as finance and fundraising director in local, national and international charities and social enterprises. He is skilled at project development, financial modelling and fundraising.